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Kavita Raut

Kavita Raut visit

International Athlete and Olympian Kavita Raut holds the current Indian National record for 10 km road running with a timing of 34:32 as well as the current Indian National record in the half marathon with a timing of 1:12:50. She has won the silver medal in 10,000 meters race at the 2010 Asian Games. “Having a synthetic track in this this part of Konkan is unbelievable. With the world class facilities provided by SVJCT Sports Academy, it is definitely possible to produce an olympian from here.” Said Kavita Raut. Kavita visits the SVJCT Sports Academy regularly for her Training and Practice sessions.

Bhishmaraj Bam

B P Bam

“SVJCT Sports Academy is like a miracle ! World Class facilities, Guidance of renowned coaches and excellent hospitality is like a dream come true for any sports person. Sports was completely neglected in last 40-50 years. I think good days for sports are here again. Sports talent is in abundance in India. What is required is strong support which is now available in the form of SVJCT Sports academy. The Players and athletes will be able to practice in this sacred and blessed land of Dervan. Aim of any sports person should be to win an international event and proudly sing our national anthem while raising the national flag in front of the entire world. With the help of SVJCT Sports Academy it will be definitely possible to achieve this Aim.” -Bhishmaraj Bam